Artist’s Statement: About the Work

James Nelson is a lyrical, abstract painter, a “found object” steel sculptor and a graphic artist.

He paints with acrylic, starting each series by drawing abstract forms on a large canvas that is later cropped into smaller paintings. After building up layers of paint that progress from muted to brighter colors, he cross-sprays to redefine the original forms with transparent pigment.

James’s sculptures are primarily made of steel. They are amalgamations of objects found along the road, or taken from a crumbled car, piece of concrete or scrap steel yard. Plasma arc cutting, welding and a considerable amount of grinding and filing are all part of the transformation process.

James’s work in graphic arts grew out of his interest in revisiting the creation of multi-media light paintings. This led to his completing an intensive graphic arts certification program at the New School. He produces cards, posters, logos, flyers and multi-media.

The connection in all the work is the line, the line cuts through; it defines and continues to be redefined. One line leads to another, until an image appears. Imagination becomes reality.